A Theory of Relativity

We rarely seem to have ALL needed relative information in the very moment we need to make an important life altering decision. Yet, in the end, we often land exactly where we are supposed to be.  


A leap of faith. Selling my house & things and joining a rebuilding project with Namaste Nepal were indeed a life altering decisions. Though this path took unintended turns, there are no regrets.

DSC02018As you consider your yearend contributions, please keep in mind families in Nepal. 100% of your contributions will help Namaste Nepal to continue their technical training program.

NN_logoDonation link is on the left side of the home page:



Due to poor construction techniques, 90% of Mahadevtar and Anaikot homes were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.


Namaste Nepal has developed a government approved week long technical training program that invites all village members, men and women, to attend and learn safer building techniques.






Namaste Nepal provides funding for the instructors, training materials, meals, certificate, and registration with the local building department.

subash-pujanI could not be more proud.

As of today, Subash and Pujan have provided technical training sessions for over 60 Nepali residents in both Mahadevtar and Anaikot.

anaikot-graduationMore communities are requesting this training program.   It is predicted that the team will be expanding the program and empowering more than 100 Nepali families.

untitledGreat credit goes to the amazing Namaste Nepal field team, Yarda, Eva, Subash, and Pujan and the office team, Sonja, Martina, and Hela for their tenacity and perseverance.

The rebuilding plan is evolving and will help many communities build back safer.   I remain forever grateful for this opportunity.

Wishing all of you great warmth, happiness, and success in the New Year!



j9-aoeP.S.   My Mother is home and doing well.

Now settled into my new home at the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, I’ve landed right where I’m supposed to be.


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