Task #1: MoU

IMG_3667Grateful to have a brief respite between flights, this tiny room at Mini Hotel Central is a welcomed shelter from Hong Kong’s bustling streets.

In the morning stillness, I found time to explore the City and take in the harbor sunrise. My late morning treat was a visit of the nearby HK Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Orchids always make me smile.

IMG_3673Today is my sister’s birthday. Though I am sad to be far away on her special day, she is always with me. Thinking of recent moments spent with family and friends – my heart is full, but weighs heavy as I leave them behind to look at the tasks that lie ahead.

Yarda, my Namaste Nepal (NN) colleague, has kindly offered to meet me at the Kathmandu airport this evening. First thing Sunday morning, we will meet with our newly formed Namaste Nepal 2015-2016 rebuilding team.

There are many near and far who make up our NN team. Our remote support team has members located in both Prague and Sidney. Our Nepal field team will include Yarda,(the program manager), 3 Nepali engineers (introductions later), and me (the technical manager.)

13_PanchkhalField visits will begin this Tuesday with a multi-day trip to Anaikot and Mahadevtar. We will first meet with the Panchkhal secretary and chairman to finalize the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU.)

An MoU is a legal document that outlines a service agreement between our NN NGO (Non Government Organization) and the local government.

(Before my departure, I’d just completed an Mou between the WI American Institute of Architects and the WI Emergency Management Service to provide disaster assistance.)

More on this critical first step on the next post.

Thank you for following our Namaste Nepal rebuilding programme.



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