Monona Solar Project

The City of Monona’s Solar Project was recently recognized as RENEW Wisconsin’s “2013 Most Innovative Renewable Energy Project.”

CityHall_entryview - CopyWhat has become the largest solar project for a municipality in the State of Wisconsin started with a collaborative partnership with Solar Connections, LLC, Madison based Solar Consultant,  and Falcon Energy Systems, a Colorado-based investment group.

In the agreement between the City and Falcon, the City agreed to lease roof space to Falcon-owned solar arrays in exchange for renewable energy credits.

PublicWorks-roofview1The system is installed across four City buildings and totals 157 kW that will produce 30% of the energy used for these facilities. The City of Monona will save over $75,000 in the first 6 years and has the option to purchase the Solar System at the end of year 6, realizing a return on investment within 8-10 years.

CityHall_groundview3 - Copyhow-solar-works - CopyLibrary-egauge - Copy


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