What is a Bioneer?

What is a Bioneer?Bioneers-Logo-tm

I spent the day with 270 + people who can talk Sustainability for 8+ hours straight.  It’s exhausting.

Listening to the first speaker, I felt excited and inspired.  By mid-day, a headache….so much talking and thinking and brainstorming and….. By the end, the responsibility weighed heavy.

road-bike-classicI do NOT drive a hybrid/electric vehicle, always buy organic, recycle everything, buy local everything, always remember turn off the lights, or always remember to buy less stuff.  But, I DO get excited when I can reduce energy bills and save money, buy healthy food, support local businesses, teach my niece and nephew that biking is fun, and work with people who respect our lakes and rivers.

Registration question: What is your biggest sustainability challenge? Aside from MG&E refusing to play nice, the biggest challenge is engaging my community.  How do I empower them to build and own a sustainability plan?

I asked other “Bioneers” this very question, hoping to leave with a clear answer.  Instead, I just got another question – “What is important to them?”  Start there and work backwards – you will find the answers.  (Yoda, is that you?)

imagesCAT5O3UQA Parent’s priority may be good education, a Senior’s priority is how to get to an event, any resident’s priority may be safe streets – Figure out how Sustainability meets those needs and you will have your answer.  Thank you Michael M. for your insight.

What is your biggest challenge and who can help you find the answer?…. or at least ask the right question that will bring you to the answer.

P.S.  coined by Kenny Ausubel, a  bioneer is a biological pioneer, an ecological inventor who’s got an elegant and often simple set of solutions for environmental conundrums.   Below are links to more information on this topic.




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