Day 4: morning school visit + afternoon work = site sillyness

On our morning ride to the job work site, we took  a detour to a local community center/school where we met with some local community leaders and toured the local micro- entrepreneur  program sewing project.

school4After the ladies shared the history of the community, for the kids – we shared our English version of “Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes….” and then we translated it to Spanish.   It was a hoot watching the kids do it along with show

Later that morning, we were back on the work site.  The masons worked quickly to patch any open areas with grout.   As soon as they had the last layer of wash on…..the masons said it was time to paint the house.  Kudos to the team that bravely climbed the scaffolding to reach the high places.  What a gorgeous blue

house paintI’m not sure whether it was the heat or hard work, but  the morning with the kids set the tone for our afternoon.  Don’t get me wrong, we worked hard…. but laughed pretty hard too.  Delirious or just plain sillyness? (that’s my buddy Hector holding the shovel)


group fun


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