who inspires you?


Inspirations come from many different places, usually unexpected and often in hindsight.  Most of my inspiring souls are not architects, but they inspire me none the less.  All have a trait I truly admire, its called “gumption.”  Here are a few for starters…..

brad-kulaThree months ago this Monday Dec.3rd, a friend suffered a spinal cord injury while mountain biking during our Utah trip.  Brad Kula was told that he would never walk again..  Yesterday, he posted this video on Facebook. it!  Click this link for the video:   Brad’s Video -Dec. 3rd Walking  He is so awesome!

“3 months today!!!! Give me 3 more and see what I can do with them! “Never walk again is not going to happen. I will walk, run, ride, and do everything I can to survive again!”.

This man doesn’t take no for an answer – I love it!   

FinbarwebRobWorking as a mate on a topsail schooner in Key West, I met a scurvy old sailor by the name of Captain Finbar. The owner and builder of the Schooner Wolf,  Finbar taught me how to see outside my world and appreciate diversity.  The Wolf’s main gig was daily sunset sails, but when the need was there, she sailed relief trips to bring medical supplies, food, or clothing to nearby regions hit by hurricanes or earthquakes, including Haiti.  Here is the link to the full story: Wolf Departs on Haitian Mission of Mercy


I didn’t know it at the time, but Finbar inspired me to think globally.

GUMPTIONguts, spunk, resourcefulness, initiative, determination, discernment, spirit, boldness of enterprise, spirited resourcefulness, courage, and my favorite… true grit. 

A dear friend once said, ”I know you’ll always be ok, cause you’ve got gumption.”   I think that might have been the best compliment ever.

scottWhile searching for the Port au Prince boarding gate in the Miami airport, I kept a look out for our trip leader Scott Douglas.  This was his second trip to Haiti.  It wasn’t until months after our return, that I became fully aware of how his determination formed the NGO relationships that made it possible for us to reach so many.

12 volunteers 300 buildings 15 days. 

Scott, your spirited resourcefulness and kindness of heart  inspired all of us to stay strong during those long hot days.

Who brings out your inner super hero? 

Who helped you discover your true grit?  

Who inspires you to press on when the odds are against you? 



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