A question of sanity

As the light of day grows shorter and the temperatures drop, as the miles get longer, and as the muscles start to ache, I start to question my sanity.Training for a half marathon in the dead of a WI winter  ……9.5 more weeks of this to go and 11 weeks before El Salvador.

Fortunately, Hal (Higdon) reminds me what I need to do each day –  one morning glance at Hal’s schedule on the fridge door and I’m reminded what I’m doing and why.




2 thoughts on “A question of sanity

  1. Erin Potratz

    Winter running is the best! I actually take 2 months off running in the summer and run all winter because I like it that much more. And you’re especially lucky that you live in a place that has trails that are plowed when it snows – here in the Great White North there is only one. My advice to you is the following:
    1) Layers! A couple thin layers are the best, with a nice jacket that is water resistant. My Brooks lined running pants are a life saver. Also SmartWool running socks. But if you get those be sure to follow the laundering instructions. I wear the ultrathin ones winter and summer.
    2) If you can afford it, get a second pair of running shoes. Leaves time in between runs for them to dry if you have to run in slush.
    3) Limit your time out in extra cold weather to 1 hour. I was out when the wind chill was close to 0F, but only for short runs (3 miles or so). I think the coldest wind chill I was out in for a long run was about 10F. (Actually 7F per my diary notes). I have not found a good face mask to wear with my glasses so that they don’t fog up, so wind burn is something you have to deal with. One of these days I’m going to one of the local running stores to check out this convertible hat thing by a company called Loki. I will let you know if it works.
    4) If you have to treadmill it, go by time not distance. Especially the long runs. You’re asking to get hurt if you push yourself too hard on a treadmill, and running for time seems to help for me. As an example, if you’re scheduled to run 6 miles, run for an hour on the treadmill that is a pace that is not too hard and not too easy. And set the incline for 1%.

    I have tons of other little tidbits of running advice, since I’m a “pro” now 🙂 So wish I could join you on running this half – but it would probably be too warm for me!


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