AIA Disaster Assistance Program

End of week 2.  Hal schedules Saturdays as the “long run.”

Today I ran 5 miles.  Though it is a gorgeous November day.  It was difficult, but these socks gave me the boost I needed.

Just received two very generous pledges for the run: One friend pledged $5 per mile and my sister in law pledged “exponentially” – $1 for mile one, $2 for mile two, $3 for mile three, etc.  How clever!  Thank you both!


On today’s run, my mind sorted through the AIA State Disaster Assistance program “to do” list.  As the state coordinator, I’ve put a call out for volunteers – now the next steps are to create a roster database and start training all volunteers.  It is going to be a busy 2013.


The Disaster Assistance Committee, organized by AIA National, can help components and members prepare for disasters before they strike. This document is a first step to guide State Components as they establish a new disaster assistance program.

  • Put out a call for interested volunteers in chapter newsletters.
  • Delegate one point person to lead the working group and be the primary point of contact for the state Disaster Assistance Program.
  • Meet with the State Emergency Management Agency.
  • Build your network of professional volunteers and maintain a roster of trained architects in your state.

Establish a long-term Disaster Assistance State Coordinator. This person should have experience responding to at least one disaster and be qualified to conduct additional AIA training sessions for architects within your state. This person should also be committed to serve in the role for 3 years and be responsible for identifying a potential replacement.


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