Climate…. politics & weather


Whether or not you believe in global warming or that weather changes are part of the natural cycle, or both – one cannot argue that there is an increase in both number and intensity of global natural disasters.  With this increase in disruption, there is need for assistance.  What is the architect’s role and how is it changing?

On this election day, all are waiting in anticipation.   How will the elected president face this climate challenge?  Hurricane Sandy was a global event – affecting not just the United State’s east coast, but also Cuba, Haiti – poor Haiti, and other surrounding areas. What is the role of architects in this disaster?


Using a similar approach to what we did in Haiti.  Where they can, AIA members are already responding to Hurricane Sandy. In Rhode Island, architects, engineers, and other design professionals from the AIA Rhode Island Architects and Engineers Emergency Response Task Force (AEERTF) are working with the state’s Emergency Management Agency to provide building safety assessments in hard hit communities along the coast.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the AIAS (American Institute of Architects Student) group at UW Milwaukee, SARUP (School of Architecture and Urban Planning) for graciously hosting last evening’s event and inviting me to talk with you.  Melissa, Nathan, and Caroline – you we fabulous hosts.  It was such a pleasure to be back at UWM and working with students.  Thank you for all your energy and support.

The process of preparing for this presentation reaffirmed my mission to continue forward with disaster assistance locally- as the WI AIA State Disaster Response Coordinator role and globally – in El Salvador and as the need arises elsewhere.


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