5 thank yous

This is the way that I start each day.  It reaffirms the things that are good, forcing me to focus on the positive.  Some days it is easy and some days it is basic as, “I am thankful for the coffee that is brewing while I do my thank yous.” Seriously.  During a  difficult period, a dear friend gave me the tools I needed, this was one of them.  Try it. Studies have proven the positive affects of meditation.

At this moment, I am thankful to be “almost” done with my presentation for the University of Milwaukee’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning – AIAS monthly meeting. Last time I presented in room SARUP 110, I was presenting my masters thesis.  12 years later, I’ll be sharing the stories about Haiti, disaster assistance, and El Salvador.

Thank you for yesterday’s long run.  It provided the time and clarity to think through a strategy for tomorrow’s AIAS discussion.



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