Rest Day…… shoes hung just for the day


According to Mr. Hal Higdon, running trainer extraordinaire, today is my REST day.  A day where I don’t have to run 3 or more miles working toward that 13.1. Sigh. Full disclosure, I have done a half marathon before; however, I am not a “seasoned runner.” I ran my first organized 5k race at age 40, my first half marathon at age 41, and venturing out on my second at age 42.  The training is an amazing cure for what ails you, especially a broken heart.  

I almost wish that I had to run today because there is this crazy clarity that opens up my mind, allowing room to focus on solving problems.  How strange is it that I’m nervous about this evening?  It has been 20 years since I graduated from college, bright and ambitious with great plans for all the success in the world.  Tonight I am meeting up with my former undergrad room mates – 6 of us shared a house back then.   Now all but me are married with kids.  Not that I planned it that way, it just happened.   I’ve never married and there are no kids, that I know of, because I was all about the CAREER and making money.  My, how that changed since then…. today, success is more a matter of making a difference rather than a big pay check.  

Looking forward to having the weekend to prepare for Monday’s AIAS presentation at the UW School of Architecture and Urban Planning.  I LOVE working with students!  They are so hungry for knowledge and eager to try new things – it always re-energizes my passion for architecture and the non-profit work I do.  



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